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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Dorking – 28-35 Seater Coach 

Dorking is a vibrant town, just 25 miles from suburban London. Although well connected by trains, and busses, a minibus hire would be more convenient for groups, especially if they are on a days out trip, or have multiple venues to visit. The train does not go everywhere, and taking your car out comes with several hassles of its own, the least of which is splitting the group up. 
With our minibus hire, you get unmatched support, flexibility, and comforts. Our customer support team assists you throughout the journey, and schedules pick up and drop at multiple locations, offering your group members seamless door to door transfers.  
Members of your group can relax and unwind in the privacy of the spacious vehicle, and bond better, when on the move. Our Dorking minibus hire drivers are skilled in taking the best routes, to reach your destination in double quick time. They also take the stress of driving under varying conditions. 
All such considerations notwithstanding, it is very important to select a right sized minibus for your trip. For instance, a 28-35 seater coach, one of the coaches in high demand, perfectly suits medium sized groups. With our high end Volvos and Iveco coaches that we provide, these coaches have ample space, including leg space, luggage space, overhead racks, and other facilities, allowing a comfortable ride, at full capacity. If you avail an inferior minibus, from some other provider, even if the vehicle has 35 seats, cramped leg space, and inadequate luggage space means the vehicle cannot accommodate more than 20 to 25 passengers comfortably. 
Our minibus hire in Dorking vehicles are also stylish on the exterior, and much sought after by corporates, and others, who want to make a favourable impression , when on the move. Our 28-35 seater minibus is in high demand to make airport transfers, for day trips, for corporate transfers to event venues, for concert transfers, for visiting racecourses, and for a host of other purposes.  
It helps that we charge the lowest rates in town, making our Dorking minibus hire service much more viable than any other alternative, be it public transport, personal vehicles, taxis, or even a similar minibus from our competitors.
Contact our customer support team with your specific requirements, and get a custom quote. If you are still not convinced, read through the testimonials left by previous customers.