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Dorking Minibus Company  

Dorking is a market town located between two prominent hills, Leith and Box. Agriculture was the sustaining economy in its humble beginings until the railway line came. In the post-railway period, Dorking became both an agricultural and commuter town.  
A lot of its medieval establishments have been preserved through time, and are now the attraction of the town. There is so much to do and see in this market town and we believe you need convenient transport for this to happen. Thus Dorking minibus hire will provide a comfortable Mercedes 16 seater or an 8 seater Ford Transit to drive you around. 
Things to Do in Dorking  
We are a coach company with lots of experience in the town, so we know where all the best attractions are hidden. In our minibus company day tour itinerary, expect to be wowed by the following tourist hotspots.  
The Leith Hills  
They were prehistorically recognised as the natural boundaries that encompassed Dorking town. Today they still stand and besides being a rich source of prehistoric information, it has been transformed into a public recreation hub as well. You feel completely refreshed when you walk or cycle up the hill on any day. Alternatively, you can bring a few ball or board games with you, or attend one of the music festivals organised at the hills.  
The Goddards House  
Dorking is a haven for lavish country houses and the Goddards gives a vivid testimony. Everything is immaculate once you walk in the compound; right from the silky green lawns to the impressive early 19th century architecture by Edwin Lutyens. The Garden’s reek of tranquility and the behind the turgid walls is the great history of the ladies who came to unwind in this home after working at Frederick Mirrielees Shipping Factory. You can prolong the visit by booking a holiday suite in the compound for the entire period you are staying in Dorking. 
Wotton House  
Goddards is beautiful but the Wotton House is outright elegance. This is a 17thcentury Baroque architecture villa designed by the talented John Soane. If you have seen the Buckingham House, then you know where it borrowed its inspiration from. To fully understand the magnificence evoked by this building, attend one of the fairy tale weddings that are held here; you could even plan your own wedding there. Everything comes alive, from the décor, to the bridal chariots, the horses in the fields and the charm of the walls inside.  
Box Hills  
Box Hills has been trimmed with various walking routes that all lead uphill. Between Leith and Box hill, the latter takes the prize for providing a friendlier atmosphere to bond and unwind. At the peak of the hill are ice cream shops, food canteens and loos to freshen up. The environment is wide enough to park your Dorking minibus hire anywhere you want. Cycling routes are available as well complete with guidance maps to ensure you don’t get lost in the vast wilderness.  
Events in Dorking  
1) Gordon Buchanan Lost Adventures, Dorking Halls, Dorking (1st April 2016) 
2) Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Dorking Halls, Dorking (3rd Mar 2016) 
3) Annual Masquerade Soiree (2016), The Roof Gardens, Dorking (5th Mar 2016) 
4) The Carole King Musical (West End Theatre Trip), Dorking Halls, Dorking (15th Mar 2016) 
5) Tough Murder London South, Holmbush Farm, Dorking (24th Sept 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We are a minibus company that has been in business for years so we understand the business and expand the trade. Whether it’s at the airport, hotel or the train station, just tell us in advance and your minibus hire in Dorking couch will be waiting there for you.