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Minibus Tours

Dorking – Coach TOURS 
Our competent minibus hire in Dorking can get you to wherever you want to go safely. We offer several vehicles that are made to suit groups of different sizes. When you need any one of your luxurious coaches for your trip, all you have to do is book our services online. Our website is designed for ease of use and making a reservation only takes a few minutes. 
Our Dorking minibus hire is regarded as the best service of its kind in the area. Getting stuck in traffic when you are on your way to a meeting or an important family function can be quite stressful. For this reason, our drivers plan ahead for your journey to and from your desired location. We want you to enjoy your view of the city without getting caught in traffic. 
We assist with airport transfers and ensure that your journey to social events such as graduations and weddings is comfortable. Our high record of safety has encouraged customers who require our services for personal reasons to recommend us to others and our business has grown significantly through the years just from word of mouth. Reliability and excellent driving is important to our business clients as well. They trust us to get them to meetings with prospective partners and well-known associates on time. 
Modern Vehicles 
Ford, Mercedes Benz and Iveco are just some of the top names behind our reliable fleet. Our glamorous buses are chosen due to their durability and the various amenities which the manufacturers make available. When you want to get work done en route to your meeting, our buses will provide the perfect environment for you. 
Overhead lights are provided so you can look over reports or notes before conferences. With our PA system, it is easy to get students up to date on the behaviour that is expected of them when they are touring Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre or other educational sites.  
Each coach has safety features such as arm rests, head rests and lap or three point seat belts, which shield your body from injury. This is especially important on our longer trips, where passengers are required to be seated for hours at a time. When your journey is over, the ergonomic seating arrangements will leave you feeling refreshed. 
Tour Dorking
Touring Dorking and its environs is a treat when our experienced chauffeurs take you from one attraction to another. There is no limit to how much you can learn about the UK’s history while you are in the city. The Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre is one of the places that offers an interesting experience to visitors of all ages. It hosts numerous exhibitions and fun activities for children, including the following: 
Museum Paintings of the High Street, April 2016 
Shops in Dorking Workshop, February 2016 
Easter Egg Hunt, March 2016 
Leith Hill always has exciting festivals and is a good place to visit when you are in Dorking. You may also enjoy these things to do in the market town: 
Goddards, interesting arts and crafts 
Wotton House Garden 
Dorking Sports Centre 
Little Dudley House 
We always call before we arrive to pick you up for any tour of Dorking. This way, you are never left wondering if we are on our way. Our passenger transport is the ideal way to travel, whether you are with a group of adults or children. Call us today and see how much you can save with our affordable packages. 
Efficient Service 
Our drivers are all properly licensed so you know you are in good hands. Each member of our team has your safety as their chief concern and are fully trained in every aspect of handling the vehicle that you book for your trip. Our buses are regularly maintained and are checked again by our skilled automotive team before we release them for your trip. 
Our extensive knowledge of Dorking makes it easy for us to navigate our way through the streets even during peak hours. When you wish to go shopping in the town after a day of fun, our coach tours can pick you up in time for your morning activities and return later to carry you to the shopping centre. Friends from overseas or visitors from your community can reach hotels, theme parks or restaurants with ease once our capable drivers are behind the wheel. 
Never worry about getting lost if you are new to Dorking. We will ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. We will pick you up from the rail station or airport on time and have you at your hotel in time for the next meal. Call us today and let us help you plan your next trip around the town.