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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Dorking – Double Decker 72 Seater Coach 

A double decker 72 seater coach is very useful move large groups in one go, sparing organisers the nightmarish scenario of splitting up groups, and scheduling multiple trips for the same journey. We are the most reliable operators in Dorking for this purpose, with our fleet of Volvo and Iveco coaches not just capable of accommodating large number of passengers, but also coming with superior comfort features, such as wide push back seats, overhead LED lights, luggage racks, power door, PA system, GPS, air conditioning, music and video system, and much more. 
Our double decker 72 seater coach features in the plans of corporate groups, who want to transfer their delegates and executives for conferences, educational institutions, who want to take their students out for day trips or excursions, concert and other event organisers, who want to ensure reliable transportation, tour operators, who want to accommodate a large number of people in one go and reap advantage of economies of scale. Festivals such as Leith Hill music festival also attract significant crowds, and a large coach, which transfers large groups, are quite handy for organisers. 
We offer the lowest rates of our minibus hire in Dorking. Our large coaches help you save even more, as you don’t have to duplicate the same trips, for want of a big enough coach. The support we offer, through our 24 hour customer care, in scheduling trips, coordinating pickups, and more, takes a load from you, helping you focus on more pressing matters. Our Dorking minibus hire service also comes with skilled and efficient drivers, who know how to handle these large vehicles skilfully, and are aware of the special traffic regulations in place, for heavy vehicles.  
We have a large number of corporate clients who retain us on a regular basis, and several other customers as well. They all praise our high reliable and efficient services, and leave testimonials in our praise.